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Medical Travel

MediHelp makes it easy to obtain professional medical treatment in non-resident city. We will give you a step-by-step description of how our system works. This will help you in better understanding our process. You will be able to identify every element of the whole process starting and ending in your home town. We will be your interface with every service provider in Kolkata and Mumbai and our case managers will organize every step for you flexibly, professionally and in a discrete manner.

Step One: Contact Us                                                                                                       

We assist you and coordinate every aspect of your medical travel. As a result we are leaving you free to focus on what is most important – yourself and your health. The first step is to get in contact with us on a non commitment basis. In order to do so the easiest and efficient way is to use our Medical Guide. The Guide serves to provide MediHelp with information about your medical history and your current medical needs. Moreover, it helps us to meet your travel priorities and expectations for a successful and pleasant stay. More importantly we can tailor a medical solution to your unique situation. Another way to contact us is by email or phone (see Contact). 

Step Two: Analysis of medical needs                                                                             
With the given information we will be able to investigate your medical needs and travel preferences in a more detailed way. We create a schedule for the journey and your medical treatment in Kolkata or Mumbai and answer your remaining questions.

Step Three: Consultation with medical specialists                                                       
With the given records MediHelp consults its network of medical providers to find a suitable – the best – option for you. At this point  MediHelp gives you an initial estimate of costs very speedily. Taking into account your personal preferences, doctors working for MediHelp make recommendations about where your treatment needs will be met best. The optimal medical solution having been determined, MediHelp  can then give you a detailed and comprehensive cost quotation after meticulous consultations about your treatment needs with our partner providers.

Step Four: Scheduling your medical travel                                                                    
Then, we provide you with detailed information concerning the recommended hospitals, doctors, schedule, accommodation and other services. We encourage you to evaluate our recommendations with your personal physician to ensure that you are confident with your decision. To ensure your trust in MediHelp, we invite you to get in touch with us personally. We encourage you to visit us in Kolkata or Mumbai in order to have a non-binding preliminary discussion. Furthermore, MediHelp suggests a virtual consultation with your recommended doctor in Kolkata or Mumbai.

Step Five: Confirmation and booking                                                                             

With your consent MediHelp will arrange all logistics for your journey. We will organize and book your transportation, accommodation and desired services.

Step Six: Medical Travel to Kolkata  or Mumbai                                                            

With your consent MediHelp will arrange all logistics for your journey. We will organize and book your transportation, accommodation and desired services.

Step Seven: Hospital Admission and Treatment                                                          

At this stage you will receive the professional medical treatment. After admission, the hospital specialists will confirm your diagnosis and investigate your current state of health. Before the medical intervention itself begins, the doctor of your choice will review together with you the procedure’s potential benefits and risks and explain every aspect of it. He will also assess the state of your medical condition by performing any tests that are necessary.

Step Eight: Recovery and Rehabilitation                                                                       

During recovery period, MediHelp stays in close and permanent contact with you and the doctors responsible for you. It goes without saying that – if you wish – we provide your loved ones at home with the latest information.

Step Nine: Discharge and Leisure Activities                                                                  

As soon as you give us the green light and the doctors decide that you are ready for discharge you have many options. You can either take some more time in Kolkata or Mumbai to rest and relax for further recovery and follow-up care or we can arrange your journey home whenever you wish.

Step Ten: Return Home and Follow Up                                                                         

We stay connected with you throughout your stay out of city. Our goal is to help you with any post-care issues and make you feel safe and adequately looked after at all times and wherever you are.